Certified Teenie

Just Look for the Badge!

Look for the items with the Certified Teenie badge to know what has actually been sized tested to FIT the teeniest of teenie dogs.

Our little Althea didn't fit into the XS sizes until she was 18 weeks old and over 5 pounds. We struggled and I bought so, so, so many things that were just way too big. Collars, sweaters, harnesses, all the things, were just so hard to find in her teenie size!

And honestly, as it turns out, those teenie sizes are just as hard to find from the manufacturers! All of the Certified Teenie items were sourced, and some even created and made specifically, for the 3-5 pound sizes.

8 Weeks

2.8 pounds

12 Weeks

4.2 pounds

20 Weeks

6.5 pounds

1 Year

9 pounds

The Smallest Things I Could Find (or make)

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