The Crew

Olive - 7 - Basset/Beagle/Weenie

Communications Director

We found Olive as a baby, among a ton of other siblings, in Flint, MI. She was the one with the smile. Her favorite things are napping on the kitchen table, going for car rides, and letting us know when it's time to eat.

Cass - 8 - Golden/Shepherd

Shipping & Receiving Manager

Cass is the first in our pack. We got her as a baby from a small rescue in Bay City, MI. She loves balls and spends most of her days alerting us to all of the comings and goings in the neighborhood.

Althea Jayne - 1 - Piebald Dachshund

Customer Outreach

Althea is the newest of the bunch and our first purebred. She spends most of the day sleeping inside my sweatshirt, eating sticks, de-fuzzing tennis balls, and doing her best to irritate her sisters.

The Reasons

We are intent on providing the basics, clothing, and all the best things that fit the small and long dog lifestyle. Finding things that fit some specific body styles is hard! Harder than it should be. We are here to put all the things you need, in one easy location. We will continue to update and refine our products list as new vendors and new fun things are found. Most of what is here, are items that we, personally, have purchased or used for our furry children. We will put a big focus on sourcing the things that fit even the smallest bodies; in the XS, XXS, and even the XXXS custom size things.

Our first experience with a small, long dog, is with our new baby Althea Jayne, a piebald mini-Dachshund.  We knew she would be small when we picked her up at 8 weeks old, but we had no idea what 2.8 pounds actually looked like.  All the XS collars and sweaters and harnesess ordered for her, just didn't fit.  They were all far too big.  By the 5th order we just gave up I and went ahead and designed a sweater pattern to knit for her tiny size - - and knit a new sweater size every 3 weeks as she grew.  We know that not everyone can do that.  So the thought occurred to me to start making this easier for the next mini-Doxie first time parent and open a store.

In July of 2020 we lost our 2 year old Beaglier, Hazel, to a congenital liver defect that there was no cure for. It was one of the most devastating experiences in our lives. Of course the void she left, meant we needed a new puppy. 2020 was a huge adoption year and we couldn't find a puppy that fit our want list and timeline, so we chose to find a breeder. The right little girl came, at the right time, in the right town close to us; so we waited 8 weeks and welcomed our Althea Jayne into our home. She is our first purebred, "on purpose" dog, and she is perfect. She fits in great with the other girls, is teaching us quickly, and gave me the reason to start a store.

To begin, we be an exclusively e-commerce store, and then hopefully in a year or so we will be opening a brick and mortar location. In October of 2019 we bought a 100 year old, 5000 sqft building, in Maple City, MI that needs about 100 years of work. We will be fitting the space with micro-offices, a community education center, and our own shop. We are diligently resurrecting this beautiful piece of history one major project at a time. Currently we are on the 5th huge dumpster of removing all the inside old stuff and returning the exterior facade to it's original look. As winter sets in, will start the rebuilding and beautification process of the inside store area.

The Human

     when I say we, I mean me

About Meg

I have been a wedding photographer in beautiful Northern Michigan for over 24 years; with a side focus and passion in studio pet photography. My other hobbies mainly focus on rehabbing old buildings, from homes to iconic small town commercial buildings. I have a problem sitting still. I have a man, a stepson, and three dogs in my home that all fill my world to perfection.  I started this store out of necessity to find the things I needed for my first Dachshund.

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